Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Website: Fridgewatcher

My brother is always harassing me for my ultra full fridge and my various condiments. Maybe because when we lived together they took up 75% of the real estate in there.

Thai Green Curry paste? Check
Relish? Check
Dijon mustard? Check
Anchovy paste? Check
Black Bean sauce? Check
Okay. You get the point. I know there are others out there that have fridges full of food (what a bizarre concept!) and now I can play peeping tom on them.

This is food voyeurism at its best. I am always curious to see what others stock up on. My guilty pleasure is spying into peoples' grocery carts to see what they buy.
Unfortunately this is also where I turn into food-snob and get on my culinary high horse. "Oh, my god! They are feeding that to their children!" Meanwhile, earlier that day I had a half pack of Twizzlers, washed it down with a 7-eleven coffee and death syrup (see International Delight creamer). Yes, very gross. I know.

Do you check out grocery carts? Take my useless yet interesting-to-me poll.

Update: Just found this photographer Mark Menjivar who did an exhibit of photographs of peoples fridges titled "You are what you eat".

Below each fridge is a couple of sentences about the fridge owner. The most disturbing is it seems someone has a rattlesnake (or snake nonetheless)in their freezer. Why???

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