Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food For Thought: Got Mercury?

Everyone agrees that a diet rich in Omega's is important. Everyone agrees that Tuna contains a high concentration of Mercury. However, seemingly no one can unanimously reach a solid decision beyond those points concerning fish.

Depending on which article you read fish is important to consume while pregnant, should be avoiding at all costs while pregnant, and the fish you could eat may have terrible effects on the environment.

And then a new study comes out and muddles the water further.

Just when there seemed no way to scissor kick my way out of it I stumbled upon this gem.


The article states that "when you buy fish, it’s hard to balance concerns about your heart health, mercury levels, and the health of the oceans. There’s no single guide rating fish by all three criteria. There should be." Thank you. Sigh.

That being said it continues to list eleven fish that have rated fairly well on all three accounts using references from the US Environmental Defense Fund's Seafood Selector.

I was skeptical. So I checked around and found little to the contrary.
VOILA! One mystery in life partially solved.

Still have doubts? Google each of them. I dare you. You may lose hours of your life and possibly your patience...repeatedly.

If you are concerned about your Mercury level consumption in particular check out the “Got Mercury” website – www.gotmercury.org,

It has a mercury calculator that assists in making healthier choices by entering the weight, type, and amount of seafood consumed during a week. These calculations are based on EPA and FDA data.

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