Saturday, May 9, 2009

Restaurant: Market

Market in Shangri-La
1128 West Georgia Street
Level 3
Vancouver, BC
tel: 604 661 3336

Jean Georges Vongerichten is a super-chef. Up there with the best of the best. Michelin stars, celebrity following, slew of restaurants around the world...ummm...celebrity himself.
Market in Shangri-La is one of his babies and it is the shangri-la of edible yummyness (groan). The restaurant has 3 areas. The formal dining lounge, café and bar. It has a lovely deck in the summer time although most of it is covered so you won't get much ultra-violet.
Nice décor but really I would eat in a kennel if he was serving up the meal. I went for lunch and they have a deal (yes, while I realize a $28 dollar lunch does not sound deal-y to most but for Jean Georges it is). You get to choose 2 items from all the appies, soups, salads and mains. So if you are feeling particularly famished or wanna get bang for your buck you could order two mains. Then you get a dessert too. So 3 courses. Its worth it.

Steamed shrimp salad with tender greens, avocado champagne dressing

This was...heaven.
There was a champagne beurre blanc on the shrimp that made my eyes roll back. Champagne beurre blanc is silly good. I will be tracking down the best recipe for this so if anyone has one they recommend send 'em my way. The shrimp were more like prawns and there were also enoki mushrooms. And decent size. But really I could have eaten a trough of this salad and not have gotten sick of it. Yo, JGV I think you need to add an "All you can eat Salad Bar" at your next venture.

Arctic char sashimi with lemon, horseradish dill

And this...I will sell my soul to the devil for.
Just go there now and get it. My description will not do justice. Its like trying to describe the Sistine Chapel.

Sablefish with a nut & seed crust, sweet & sour broth

My friend Erin ordered this but was kind enough to give me a bite when she saw me drooling and staring. Thank you Erin. It was divine.
I had to take my dessert to go as I had to head back to work. It wasn't on the menu but a coconut shortbread with a coconut mousse and raspberries...I think. Unfortunately after my sashimi and salad high I was oblivious to anything else.

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