Friday, May 29, 2009

Poplar Grove Winery

Wine tours in the Okanagan Valley are a must-do for any BC foodie. And now even if you don’t like wine (which I cannot imagine!) you can hit up Poplar Grove for their amazing cheeses. They are the only vineyard in Canada that makes cheese and that is shocking, as what goes better with wine than cheese? Cannot believe there is nobody else that came up with this yet.
All their cheeses are velvety, buttery, gooey, cheesey deliciousness.

I loved the Tiger Blue and Harvest Moon. I love a stinky, smelly-socks, pungent cheese.

HINT: I recommend (and most fans of the fromage will agree) to take the cheese out of the fridge at least 4-6 hours before eating. The french don't even let the cheese see the refrigerator. They think we North Americans are nuts for keeping our cheese cold. They compare it to keeping your food in a morgue, and not letting it live. Cold=death. They let their cheese sit on the counter for a couple of days and you can practically watch it walk away as it starts to take on a life of its own. But it usually doesn’t last more than a few days. Letting your cheese sit at room temperature allows all the amazing flavours to be brought to surface.

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