Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food For Thought: Fancy Fast Food

Don’t worry I am not about to try to sell the idea of Burger King as a Friday night date destination. Instead, I wanted to share a new “view” on fast food that is gaining steam and participants.

Fancy Fast Food's slogan “Yeah, It’s Still Bad For You-But See How Good It Can Look” is a vague pitch at the movement.

This site, and a few others I have recently seen, show extreme makeovers of actual food items purchased at popular fast food restaurants.

For example: KFC’s 2 Piece original recipe combo transformed into a Chicken Corn Chowder. No additional ingredients are added except for an occasional simple garnish. Once you get past the initial disgust it is strangely impressive.

How did this...

become that?

Take a look…Fancy Fast Food

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