Monday, June 1, 2009

Top Ten Kitchen Staples

There are certain ingredients/food items I use all the time. To a point of trying to include them in everything. " Too much of a good thing" is most definitely NOT my mantra. If it tastes good and enhances flavour I will try to use it over and over again.
These are not in any particular order. I love them all equally.

1) Chipotle. This adds instant kick to anything. I know it has been used and abused but call me a chipotle-beater as I still haven't had enough and will put it in everything. Check out my chipotle mayo. This is a serious staple in my fridge as it will save anything from being boring.
2) Cilantro. Some people are not fans. Those people are not going to like a lot of my recipes. Sorry!
3) Cheese. Specifically, goat, feta and gorgonzola or any type of blue. Cheese is why I could never go vegan.
4) Balsamic Reduction. You can make your own but I buy this stuff by the case. They sell it in Whistler at the Farmers' Market and at the Whole Foods in West Vancouver. Check out their website as it has a list of the stores you can get it at. You can drink this stuff it is so good. It's like a syrup but better.
Easiest salad in the world: Mixed Greens, chunk of goat cheese, some toasted or caramelized pecans and this stuff drizzled on top. 3 minutes tops.
5) Nuts. Pecans and walnuts rate tops with me but I love pine and peanut too. Really any will do. The crunch, flavour and texture flavour up any dish.
6) Pesto. I like to make my own variations. Classic basil is always good but try doing a mix of basil, mint, cilantro. See my pesto recipe.
7) Sesame Oil. Essential to most Asian style dishes. Love it.
8) Wine. Amazing to cook with but even better on its own. A meal without a glass for me is isn't a meal.
9) Avocado. Just one of those "fruits" that adds such richness to its accompaniments. Honestly, it is like butter. It has the ability to take a dish to the next level.
10) Olives. Not everyone likes them, I know. They are an acquired taste. But once you acquire it you will never give it up!

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  1. I agree with all of these. The only thing I would add is plain yogurt. I seem to consume or place that in recipes a lot.