Thursday, June 4, 2009

Perfect Salad Nicoise

I am on a constant search for the perfect Salad Nicoise. So far my top 3 are:

Pastis in New York
9 9th Ave
New York, NY
United States
Tel: 212 929 4844

Glowbal Grill and Satay Bar
1079 Mainland Street
Vancouver BC
604 602 0835‎


Well, that may sound boastful or cocky but I just know what I like and which flavours I want enhanced more. It may not be the best but I sure do enjoy it. However, it often changes and I cannot say that I have my own exact recipe as each time it is different. Depending on my mood and appetite sometimes I add green beans or don't add any capers. Yes to egg one day, no to tuna the next. The mainstay is the vinaigrette is always a French one (red wine vinegar, mustard) and there is always potatoes and olives.
That is why the recipe below is called Potato Salad a La Nicoise. As I cannot really say it is a Nicoise but it definitely has a few of the main stars.

Where have you had your favourite Salad Nicoise?

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