Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Food For Thought: Wine Popularity Soars in Canada

It appears that wine is quickly becoming Canada's "every man" drink. Please excuse me while I do a less than subtle dance of victory as I feel I may have contributed greatly to these rising numbers!

While beer is still the top choice, wine has been throwing elbows and gaining ground.
"Canadians Quench Growing Thirst For Wine" partially credits the "millennials" (19-30 year olds) for embracing the beverage.

“Young drinkers are moving to wine sooner than ever in their drinking evolution, and not necessarily through the 'training wheel' phase with soft, fruity wines, but heading for more robust, slightly more expensive wines sooner."

The article also believes that the development of Canada's own growing wine industry has played a large part. A summer weekend getaway for many residents of BC includes the words “winery” and “Okanagan”.

The BC wine industry is accessible, unpretentious, intriguing, and affordable for every generation. And the Canadian fascination with our own industry spreads across to the east effortlessly.

It goes on to list several reasons for the growing trend…all of them nod worthy.

However, it is the end that wins me over. In a year when it is hard not to be consistently saddened by the amount of bad news regarding Canada and job loss, economy, recession, etc… this quote made me smile.

"Wine is one of the greatest pleasures in life and judging by our consumption and appreciation of it, Canadians are living better than ever."

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