Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food For Thought: Yes… We Can!

The world of “preserving” has experienced a recent surge in popularity and canning is taking the center stage.

While the activity never died out completely, it now perfectly compliments the movement concerning eating locally and seasonally. More and more people are wanting to know that is in their food and are taking the time either make it themselves or support a small company to do it for them.

Does this revival mean the beginning of the end of the industrial giants?

Is home preserving here to stay or fleeting foodie fad?

"Preserving Time in a Bottle (or a Jar)" believes that “preserving is an extension of the values that made you shop in the farmers’ market in the first place,”. Since it is no easy task the resurgence is finding its greatest successes in the communal realm.

Community preserving has picked up such steam in certain cities that it is shining spotlights on websites like Yes We Can Food. I was unable to find anything like this in Vancouver. Let us know if you do!

The article also argues that outside of the artisan appeal of it, canning may also have risen out of a believed necessity. It states that “people are looking for thrifty, crafty ways to eat well. In a time of high food prices, job losses and food safety scares, home canning is booming, with sales of equipment already up almost 50 percent over last year, according to the Jarden company, which makes both Ball and Kerr canning supplies.”

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The National Centre For Home Food Preservation

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