Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's go shopping in Italy...

Well, since I can't just hop on a plane and go there, the next best thing is checking out these amazing Italian Deli's here in Vancouver. I like to pretend I am in Florence or Siena in a family run market. Except instead of having to use my broken Italian everyone speaks English. That would be the upside.

I love la Grotta del Formaggio. They have everything from ameretti cookies to buffalo mozzarella (direct from the motherland). I am a sucker for the labels. Sure, it's just a can of beans. If I were to do a taste test they would probably match up to the Canadian brand. But the cute little flag and Italian writing makes my heart sing.
Although I have never experienced one, their sandwiches are renowned.

La Grotta del Formaggio
1791 Commercial Drive

Here are some other Italian spots

Tosi Italian Food Imports
624 Main Street

Santa Barbara Market
1322 Commercial Drive

4156 E Hastings Street

Scardillo Grocery
2580 E Hastings Street

Renzullo Food Market
1370 Nanaimo Street

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