Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A very tasty sandwich

Sandwiches can be a 7-Eleven egg salad gag-inducing mess to something that rivals a 4 star meal. Seriously. When I bit into this deliciousness I experienced happiness that made me appreciate it as much as any culinary sensation out there.

Now the question was---what to put on said sandwich?

So many options!

I am surprised I narrowed it down to just two.

I purchased my ficille (see skinny baguette).

Half Number 1:

1 quarter chopped endive
1-2 tablespoons Roquefort or other blue cheese
1/4 beet sliced into matchstick size
4 cornichons sliced into matchstick size
Salt and pepper. Whatever aount you deem appropriate.

Assemble all as per picture.

I am quite generous with my mayo and mustard and even put in some blue cheese dressing I had made the other night. I like my sandwiches to have the perfect balance of moisture and crunchy bread.

Half Number 2:
Half of each a green and red heirloom tomato (I am being color biased here)
Mayo and mustard
1/4 avocado
1/4 sliced shallot
Brie cheese (as much as you want!)
Salt and pepper. Whatever aount you deem appropriate.

Assemble as per photo.

Now, DIVE in.

I must say the endive one was my fave. The crunch factor with the cornichons and hint of the sweet beets made me squeal with excitement. Yes, I really get that giddy over food.
If you don't want the carbs this i-s doable as a salad. But a good baguette takes it to the next level.

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