Sunday, July 10, 2011

Local Delights


They are everywhere. Fields upon fields. Sunflowers and vineyards. They are the reason I get lost whenever I got out for a bike ride. Everywhere is a sunflower field or vineyard. You cannot tell one from the other. They are the best though. How can you not smile when you see them? Seriously.

I think if they grew sunflowers everywhere there would be no wars* because how can you be mad in a field of sunflowers?!

*based on my silly opinion and nothing else.


This is a fortified wine made with Cognac, and is the local aperitif. Tastes kinda like a sherry or port.

They have it everywhere. There is even a Miss PIneau contest. I don’t know what kind of honour it carries or what you have to do to qualify

but if consumption gets you points I need to try o

ut for Miss. Medoc or Miss. Puilly Fuse. I do like the Pineau but in small amounts.

It is very sweet. It is especially good on my next delight as a summer dessert.

I made some amazing mussels with this recipe from Epicurious.

You can substitute grape juice and Cognac like the recipe says if you cannot get the Pineau.


In this particular area I am in, cantaloupe is in season and so devine I feel bad calling it cantaloupe, because it is so much more.

I have never had cantaloupes’ this good. I think I have eaten more of it in the past few weeks than in my entire life.

It is like the difference of having Wonderbread and a fresh baguette.

I must do a comparison to illustrate how much better it is.


The incredible dairy here makes for an astounding selection

of yogurts.

Aisles of it.

I mean look at this!

ALL yogurt (ok, some mousses and puddings as well).

I spent the better part of an afternoon inspecting the flavours, textures and brands.

I have a particular affection for the fromage blanc. They have it in a light version. It is smooth, creamy and tastes super decadent.

I get the plain version and then contaminate with loads of preserves.

This one has a fig, orange and walnut chutney in it.

Back in Canada I recommend getting the non-fat Liberty Greek yogurt and doing the same thing. A nice jam or honey or stewed fruit is such a tasty addition.

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  1. Yum!! I would love to see more items from the grocery store. Browsing and trying new things is my favorite thing to do once hitting a new country. So jealous!!! I can't seem to post with Facebook acct- it's nicole -Vancouver. So glad edible diaries is back!