Thursday, August 11, 2011

Citrus, Olive Oil and Salt

I went to the market this morning. This is what I got. I get a high from going to the market. It takes every willpower cell in my body to resist buying everything there. This was restraint at its peak.

I have a tendency to over-think my dishes.
I get inspired and then get distracted by the bazillion ingredients I could combine it with and spend far too much time trying to decide on how to combine them all.

Today was a day that I was reminded why I should clam down, look at what I have and not obsess on creating some blow-your-mind flavor sensation that the world has yet to discover. Seriously.

Unless you are some master-wizard chef, most flavor combos have been thought of and we are all plagiarizing to a degree.

Every time I think of a new dish I could make all I need to do is hit the Google and ta-da!


50 other people have already done it.

So much for originality.

BUT we can all put our own spin and stamp on things. And why mess with a good thing?

I will never be some molecular gastronomy chef. That involves Science which involves math, which I failed.

I get inspired by ingredients and produce and eating and people who love to eat my food.

Especially people who like to eat my food.

Without an audience I feel like a circus clown under house arrest. (What does that mean? It sounded good at first but upon proofreading...hmmmm...)

Anyways. Here was my lunch.

I was reminded why simple is best.

Tablespoon of olive oil. Juice of a lime. Sea salt.

When in doubt look to this threesome. They never disappoint.

Couple handfuls of arugula and some of the lovely shelled peas. Chop up some mint---around a couple tablespoons. . Sprinkle with feta or another salty cheese.

Manchego or parmesan but not shredded parmesan that comes out of anything plastic.

If you go the parmesan or manchego route use a vegetable peeler to cut off long stips. Toss and dive in!

PS. I hate being in front of a computer. Uploading posts is like forcing me in front of a computer. There is no metaphor because I am it. So if I must, this is now the view I expect my office to have.

Spoiled brat.

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